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This is the home of the Banking Camera for Flight Simulator X.
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I experimented with FreeTrack but had only limited success. The hardware was cumbersome and uncomfortable, and the software took a long time to tweak, and then still wasn't perfect. That said, FreeTrack is an excellent concept and well worth trying out. Well done to the FreeTrack developers for their efforts!
I decided to rather investigate an "automatic" head-tracking system. At that time I was a PPL student, and had some flying experience, so I knew what the natural instincts would be in terms of where one would be looking when doing certain things in the cockpit. Most obvious of course was "looking where one one is going", ie looking to see where the aircraft is headed into a turn. So Banking Camera was born.
How it works
The program hooks into FSX via Simconnect - the API provided by Microsoft for the purposes of extending FSX functionality. What it does is enquire as to the bank angle of the aircraft and banks the camera accordingly. If the hatswitch of Joystick #0 is activated, the banking is disabled for three seconds to allow you to look around. After the 3 seconds, it snaps back to the banked view.
Installation & Usage
Thanks to the following people for their ideas/constructive criticism.
Please note that I am not a professional programmer and don't have a lot of time to spend on this, but please feel free to send a mail if you have a question or suggestion, or better still, you have some knowledge of Simconnect that you can share with me;)

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Please note: I have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that this software is free of viruses and malicious code.
Downloading and using this software is at your own risk. Banking Camera is developed using Visual C++ Studio 2010.
If you get an error such as "...MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer", you need to download and install the file below: